Our Objective

We want to make a difference in the dairy industry !
1.7 tons of milk are annually disposed in Germany. In numbers that means that every year about 68 million euros are not marketed. A bitter loss – in view of the increasingly difficult conditions for German dairy farmers .
But we can fully utilize this great resource and recycle it !
We want to build a collecting system with the German farmers , which will bring you money and saves the raw material ! Because we want to use this milk for our bio plastic and can recycle the non marketable milk and thus produce great products thereof .
You not only support your moneybag, but you are also helping the environment , because our process is sustainable and conserves water .
We can use 100 % of the non marketable milk and use not only the protein but also fat and whey.
So no liter is  lost in the future  of your valuable product. We produce the raw material for everyday items that are good for people and the environment!
But we need your support !
You, the farmers , the farmers women and agricultural employees can help us shape it and especially collecting !


Compatibility of ecology and economics. The best possible level of sustainability. Zero Waste.–Qmilch Deutschland GmbH, Hannover