• On 19th november 2013, we introduced our concept to the milk producers and processors at the
        “43th Week of producers and marketers”
        in the audience of 130 persons from the dairying.
        Our concept was discussed the whole evening and we w on many supporters and great contacs!
      • Cover issue 05/2013 (Sep/Oct)
  • Round Table on Zero Waste concepts with going public about the use of side streams :
  • The Bioplastics magazine has reported on pages 24-26 of the Qmilk fiber

    Cover issue 05/2013 (Sep/Oct)

  • The “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung” reported about our experiments on laboratory extruder!

  • Ms. Aigner took Qmilk as an example for your bio campaign to recycle secondary product streams from the food industry.
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