Our Team

We are a young team and want to make a difference in this world!
We find great milk and want to recycle the non-marketable milk!
We have a very sustainable process , great product ideas and want to also use an unused raw materials and strengthen the farmers that!
Middle: Anke Domaske – microbiologist and director .
” I want to help with my process for the production of the biopolymer from dairy farmers and at the same time develop good products. “
Left: Leonie Völsgen – Bioprodukttechnologin and resource manager.
” I want to work with interested farmers and farmers’ associations . Agriculture can do much more , it must make a start just anyone ! “
Right: Felix Puller – Industrial Engineering and Resource Manager.
“I use my knowledge to build the world’s first collection system for processing of non- food milk one ! At the same time excited me the idea to realiseren a unique technical process , which can then be exported to other countries! “