The company Qmilk

We are the Non-food-milk-collectors.
The company Qmilch IP GmbH developped a bio-based polymer consisting of the milk protein casein.
The casein is produced from raw milk that is, according to the dairy law, not allowed to be consumed.
Annually, there are 1.7 mio. tons of non-food-milk tilted away only in Germany. This milk still contains all the valuable ingredients and has a great potential for technical use!
We are exploiting a raw material that is produced ineluctably and untill now isn’t yet used!
We are developping the first collection system for not used non-food-milk. Our goal are two casein production lines, one in north, one in south germany. From the casein biopolymer we will produce everyday life articles that are good for humas and the environment.
In spring 2014 we will begin the production of our fibre and polymer in the plant right here in Hanover!
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