It is worth to join

Your efforts for the production of milk is rewarded!
For milk that you would otherwise throw away, we will pay you 4 cents / kg. It is definitely worthwhile to collect, because with a herd of 100 cows, you could earn this way already 800 € per year. *

Qmilk wants to create an recycling product. Despite collecting and further processing, we can manage to make the bioplastic that is marketable.
It is a collaboration with one goal: milk as a raw material rather than waste.
  • Normalwise, there is no adding value for the milk
  • The non-food-milk has definitely to be seperated so there is not much more additinal work to do for the collection
  • No cooling is demanded
  • We have high transportation cost and investion for research and development but we want to make our products maketable with your help!
  • The fertilizing effect of milk is not very high
  • We want to found an association that is the operator of the plant. You, the farmers own the plant and Qmilk leans and operates the plant.
We want to connect our technology with the problem of milk dissipation!
* These calculations are based on the assumption that a 200 kg cow-milk NV / lactation produced (according to statements of agriculture and in the literature).