Concept collection system

We want acidified milk!
Because that’s how we process this raw material.
So you, the farmers, can store the milk without refrigeration in a closed container.
We’ll establish a messaging system – you can send  a message to us, when the container is full and then we come picking it up. We bring a new and clean container to change with the full one.This will be ca. one time per week.
Then, the non-food-milk is brought to a casein production line which shall be built up for the milk.
When 20% of the milk in Germany can be collected, a casein plant can be operated at full capacity.
We have mutiple requests of farmers who want to join the collection system! The number of interested farmers is daily rising! The faster we have a huge number of farmers and dairy processors, the faster we can begin with the milk collection!
Our aim is to start it in the end of 2015/beginning of 2016.